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Shahril Mokhtar, Head of Completions, Petronas shares a unique case study outlining the results of their risk sharing intergrated operations and CORAL 2.0 Read more
With the well intervention market expected to grow globally from an estimated USD 8.18 billion in 2017 to USD 9.85 billion by 2022, the Asia Pacific is one of the region set to most benefit from this wave of activity as it combines all 3 factors driving the upsurge: a… Read more
SIA Cyclit Konsultants: Pilipishin B., PhD, Havenson I., PhD, Gonca V., PhD, Brushtunov V., PhD, Huk I. Read more
In March, 2017 ISO released their Latest Well Integrity Standard, ISO 16530-1: Life Cycle Governance. In this article I will provide the background to the standard and discuss some of the key sections contained within. Read more

Lodged Fish in Bent Completion

Monday, 14 August 2017 11:56
Recently, an operator in South East Asia asked EV to diagnose the cause of a hold-up in the 2-7/8” completion on a wet gas well. The EV Memory Camera was run on slickline. Several runs were necessary as wet gas condensation persisted, initially impairing the quality of the video. A… Read more
EV’s industry leading camera technology in partnership with an electric line tractor, allowing for real time transmission of video to surface while simultaneously tractoring downhole. This month’s video demonstrates EV’s leading technology partnerships, and how successfully integrating cameras into well intervention can save time and reduce risk for horizontal well… Read more
Maintaining and increasing production volumes from existing wells and facilities is a major priority for operators in the Asia Pacific. The region suffers from a 10% annual decline in recovery, 80% of the basin’s fields are operating in the brownfield phase and a huge volume of well stock (40%-50%) is… Read more

Collapsed sand screen

Thursday, 16 February 2017 08:49
This Video of the Month is from an oil well in Asia with 70% water cut. The well has been shut-in and the camera runs through the oil column before emerging into the produced water and past a gas lift valve. As the camera goes down oil bubbles can be… Read more

Assisted Fishing Operation

Tuesday, 17 January 2017 07:12
Fishing is often a complex operation that can require more than a single run due to partial recovery of the fish or discovery of unexpected conditions. Read more
An interview with Erik Dietrichson, Manager - Eastern Region Well Intervention Service, FMC Technologies Perspectives and development of the RLWI business Riserless Light Well Intervention or RLWI – is the term used to describe the method for performing inspection and maintenance of subsea wells from a monohull vessel by sluicing… Read more


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