Collapsed sand screen

This Video of the Month is from an oil well in Asia with 70% water cut. The well has been shut-in and the camera runs through the oil column before emerging into the produced water and past a gas lift valve. As the camera goes down oil bubbles can be seen entering through the SSD. The slickline memory camera then enters the perforated tubing where bubbles of oil can also be seen flowing up the highside of the completion. The water is so clear it could be thought that the camera is in gas rather than water. As the camera continues down the reason for the diagnostic camera run becomes apparent. Below the mule shoe the expandable sand screen has completely collapsed inwards blocking the wellbore. Oil bubbles can be seen percolating upwards. Once the problem was diagnosed the well was opened up and the final part of the video shows oil flowing through the water column in the producing well.

Additional Info

  • Region: Asia Pacific
  • Topic: Intervention
  • Month: February
  • Year: 2017
  • Content Type: Video
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