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In my previous article, I promised to address the doubts of the readers around the material that could be placed in the hole as a barrier for plug and abandonment, and whether those materials differ depending on time span defined for the barriers life. I gave you a spoiler when… Read more
As developed wells continue to produce, these completed assets undergo thermodynamic cycling consistent with the production life of the well. The constant loading on these wells induce stresses that are ultimately transmitted to the annular cement sheaths that were intended to provide isolation of formation fluids from the surface. If… Read more
In pursuit of a safer and more cost-effective best practice approach to liquid-based rigless/riserless interventions, the oil and gas industry is engaged in a growing movement to identify new techniques and technologies that can help it to maximize revenues from existing brownfields and new assets by enhancing their output. Read more
For this particular project, EV engineered a simple gas detection indicator, mounted in front of the Optis HD E-line downview camera, to reveal the presence of low-rate gas entry in a gas-filled environment. Read more
The initial treatment ended with disconnecting from the inflatable bridge plug and associated BHA. The operator attempted to fish the entire BHA 6 times over the next 7 years, even bringing up highly experienced personnel from different parts of the US. Read more

Composite Pipe Design and Qualification

Wednesday, 16 August 2017 12:35
This document can act as starting point for people who want to learn more about composite pipes in offshore applications, and is intended for engineers, Technical Authorities and managers active in the SURF, Subsea Intervention, Drilling and other related fields of activity. Read more
Introduction The optimum design for offshore wells is one that requires minimal intervention work from the beginning of production to P&A operations. The only intervention that is generally acceptable is wireline work. Operators would prefer to avoid interventions, but even the best thought-out plans and designs may not Read more
TSB Offshore, Inc. (TSB), formerly Twachtman Snyder & Byrd, Inc. and Proserv Offshore, utilize a comprehensive system of cost estimating which allows the experienced user to evaluate a particular abandonment project and develop a very clear picture of the likely cost. When the necessary work activities/tasks and required resources are… Read more
In an industry that demands savvy engineering and rapid advancements in technology, it is often far too easy to overlook the simplest approach to the path forward. As many of the technological “advancements” in the oil & gas industry will attest, simplicity simply never wins the spotlight. Now that older… Read more
Since the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (“BOEM”) released Notice to Lessees (“NTL”) No. 2016-N01 in July 2016, the oil and gas industry has been working together to understand BOEM’s decommissioning costs estimates and its timing and methodologies for enforcing the NTL. Read more


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