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Sustained Annular Pressure Case Study

Monday, 10 September 2018 05:58
As developed wells continue to produce, these completed assets undergo thermodynamic cycling consistent with the production life of the well. The constant loading on these wells induce stresses that are ultimately transmitted to the annular cement sheaths that were intended to provide isolation of formation fluids from the surface. What… Read more
EV’s video of the month comes from an operator in the middle east who had challenges that required an EV solution for two separate wells. Without the experience and technical capability of the EV equipment the operator would not have been able to find a solution and have continued issues… Read more
Resin chemistry, including epoxies, phenolics, and furans, has been widely utilized in a variety of applications in well construction, completion, and production. This broad class of thermosetting polymers is physically characterized as free-flowing polymer solutions that can be irreversibly set to hard, rigid solids. Read more
This article is a direct result of inspiring presentations on a novel technology from the 2nd Annual Well Intervention Workshop for the Middle East in Abu Dhabi. What I picked up there, made me replace my scheduled article and write about the PWC® (Perforate, Wash, Cement) technology. Read more

Plug and Abandonment: Coiled Tubing

Wednesday, 28 February 2018 14:59
Here we are, at last, with the final piece of our series on Plug and abandonment of oil and gas wells. We went through legislation and design, guidelines and best practices, materials and the PWC® innovative placement methods. Today we will go through a very particular P&A deployment method: Coiled… Read more
TGT has recently taken its electromagnetic EmPulse® well inspection system to new, more complex and challenging levels with recent successful surveys on wells with very high-chromium tubulars. EmPulse’s capabilities are likely to be particularly applicable for Middle East operators, and also some fields in the Gulf of Mexico, the North… Read more
This Video of the Month is from a new, horizontal offshore oil producer. The operator experienced multiple unexpected completion issues prior to stimulating the well including a liner leak and unknown stimulation sleeve status.   Read more

Cement Plugs: A Routine or a Nightmare?

Wednesday, 22 November 2017 10:04
A ghost from the past started hunting me when I went through my files. Ashamed of what I discovered I decided to tell everyone, especially young engineers, what not to do when setting a cement plug. Read more
Engineered Perforating Solution Saves Operator 13 Days Valued At $7.8 MillionCASE STUDY: OIL COMPANY CHALLENGEPerforate the inner 9 5/8 in. casing of a well whose bottomhole temperature ranged between 300°F - 400°F using the largest possible diameter gun system to deliver 0.7 in. entry holes and less than... Read more

Aging Well Stock Management in the Middle East

Thursday, 16 February 2017 09:03
Introduction The Middle East offshore market generally has shallow water depth operations in high salinity water environments. As fields in the Arabia Peninsula mature and production declines they need extensive recovery enhancement and workovers which place added stress on the asset. In conjunction with the age and salinity of the… Read more


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