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Offshore Network have created a 2018 Market Forecast. The whitepaper, titled 2018 Market Forecast: What does the oil price mean for well intervention? highlights the likely path of the oil price throughout 2018 and the correlating well services which will be in demand. The paper includes a forecast of the… Read more
Following the article from Colin Beharie (“P&A: Are you absolutely sure it's plugged?"), we got a significant amount of questions on well’s plugging/abandonment. In this article, I will try to answer as many as possible. Read more
A Major North Sea operator required scale-free sections of tubing to perform a plug set and tubing cut prior to pulling the completion. Calcium carbonate scale (CaCO3) forms inside the tubing and is very difficult to remove using mechanical or chemical methods. This objective was previously achieved from a jack-up… Read more

P&A: Are you Absolutely Sure it's Plugged?

Wednesday, 22 November 2017 10:34
In the world of oilfield cementing, verification that the plug is in place and withstands the pressure is an important part of plugging operations. The consequences can be substantial under certain circumstances if the set plug does not hold as expected. Read more
In the previous article, we looked at 6 Key Well Abandonment and Decommissioning Challenges and I promised to share with you some of the latest decommissioning technologies and strategies which are in use or being developed and tested today in the Oil & Gas sector. But first, I think it… Read more

Partially Milled Fish

Monday, 30 October 2017 08:05
During a North Sea operation which involved milling, EV was called upon to diagnose the condition of a downhole fish, so the customer could decide on the best method to retrieve it. As the camera is run into the well, the wellbore fluid is too cloudy and the viewing dome… Read more
In this article I will discuss 6 key well abandonment and decommissioning challenges faced by the oil and gas industry today… Key Challenge #1 - Well Abandonment & Decommissioning GuidelinesThe quality, robustness and philosophy of well abandonment and decommissioning guidelines vary by country.In addition, new well plug and abandonment (P&A)… Read more
Tackling the challenges of safely and economically decommissioning thousands of oil and gas wells globally in the coming years is one of the biggest tasks facing our industry today. It’s a $100 billion problem—in the North Sea alone. And the bill could double or even triple depending on decisions oil… Read more
ANY EXAMINATION of the prospects for decommissioning including plugging and abandonment of wells across the North Sea suggests the future market is huge. “Overall, decommissioning on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) from now until 2025 represents an estimated £17.6 billion opportunity, with over 50 per cent of this market to… Read more
This Video of the Month is taken from an offshore well in the UK. The operator utilized EV's Optis® HD Memory Camera to inspect a known hold up downhole to ascertain the root cause for the obstruction. An earlier Slickline drift run had confirmed the holdup and the operator noticed Read more
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