Slickline Camera inspection for Salt build up

This Video of the Month is taken from an offshore well in the UK. The operator utilized EV's Optis® HD Memory Camera to inspect a known hold up downhole to ascertain the root cause for the obstruction. An earlier Slickline drift run had confirmed the holdup and the operator noticed that there had also been a drop off in production. As there is history for salt in this well, the operator had included a water wash program at set intervals to mitigate the build-up, however, were unsure if it was salt causing the losses/obstruction. EV’s Optis™ HD colour memory camera capable of capturing 30 frames per second for up to 5 hours was deployed on Slickline to investigate. Once the camera program had completed, the tool was pulled out of hole, the footage downloaded and all soon became apparent.

Additional Info

  • Region: North Sea
  • Topic: Intervention
  • Month: June
  • Year: 2017
  • Content Type: Video
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