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ANY EXAMINATION of the prospects for decommissioning including plugging and abandonment of wells across the North Sea suggests the future market is huge. “Overall, decommissioning on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) from now until 2025 represents an estimated £17.6 billion opportunity, with over 50 per cent of this market to… Read more
This Video of the Month is taken from an offshore well in the UK. The operator utilized EV's Optis® HD Memory Camera to inspect a known hold up downhole to ascertain the root cause for the obstruction. An earlier Slickline drift run had confirmed the holdup and the operator noticed Read more
CHALLENGE During a routine test, a major operator in the Danish North Sea determined that a Sub-surface Safety Valve (SSSV) of a well on an offshore platform would not successfully perform a routine inflow pressure test. The operator believed this was due to scale buildup in the upper completion. Read more
Marie Morkved, Head of Production Technology from Maersk Oil, presents a case study of a recent well intervention using coilhose technology, noting how it allows deployment with slick line equipment but still enables pumping to offer flexibility and efficiency. Read more
Zach Ruslan, Senior Production Technologist from Dong Energy, delivers a case study which evaluates the lean processes used to establish a technically viable sand management and downhole evaluation solution. Read more
McKinsey & Co deliver a presentation regarding the value of North Sea well Intervention Read more

The Value Of North Sea Well Intervention

Wednesday, 07 June 2017 09:42
While well intervention spending has been hit harder than average industry cuts, the opportunities are still there to be had, not least from mature North Sea assets, delegates at Offshore Network’s Offshore Well Intervention Europe Conference heard this morning. Read more
Could well intervention be doing a lot more to maximise economic recovery? If you're intervening, generally something's wrong and it's only going to get worse unless you do something about it. Is there something in the very name and nature of well intervention that is undermining its true potential in… Read more

Well Intervention in the Current Environment

Tuesday, 17 January 2017 07:49
Introduction Along with safety and integrity, cashflow remains a key priority for oil and gas companies. But after two years of budget cuts, the industry has been set in a default position of protection and survival which has impacted operators and service companies alike. Read more
Optis™ E-Line HD camera control from surface allows the best close-up shots, even as completion equipment is operated.” Read more
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