Region: Asia Pacific
Content Types: Report
Date: Aug, 2022

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As part of the exciting lineup for Decommissioning & Abandonment Asia Pacific Workshop 2022 (D&A APAC), Idris Mohammed Jaafar, BSP Asset D&R Manager at Shell Brunei, will reveal how to improve efficiency and reduce costs in upcoming decommissioning campaigns.

As a huge proportion of Asia Pacific’s upstream assets move stubbornly towards cessation of production, operators are facing the unwelcome (but unavoidable) task of easing their structures into the end of life. Jaafar, in his expert presentation at D&A APAC, will help operators to undertake these operations with the least amount of cost expended.

Idris Jaffar Shell Brunei

Planning for aggregation to deliver the best value to D&R execution strategies and factors affection value and cost erosion in D&R will be among the topics the Shell Brunei will open the session with.

Jaafar will also explore asset integrity management in the end of life phase (noting what can be done to avoid high costs in D&R) and analyse technology deployment strategies that can be adapted to improve decommissioning and remediation activities.

A session not to be missed at one of the most anticipated offshore events of the year.

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