Region: Gulf of Mexico
Content Types: Report
Date: June, 2022

danos 16 june

Energy services provider Danos has been awarded the opportunity to support the Promethean Decommissioning Company (PDC) and Petrofac alliance, to decommission multiple facilities in shallow water fields in the Gulf of Mexico.

CEO Paul Danos said, “Danos is honoured to join the efforts with PDC and Petrofac to provide safe and efficient operational and construction support for the alliance. We look forward to planning and executing this project with our partners and applying our 75 years of experience, safety and operational excellence in the Gulf of Mexico.”

The project, which began at the end of May, includes ten platforms, 196 wells and 32 pipeline segments in the South Pass and East Break fields of the Gulf.

This multi-year programme will allow Danos to support the PDC and Petrofac alliance and its decommissioning program with several of its service lines, including production workforce, construction, fabrication, and instrumentation and electrical.

Danos has many years of experience supporting decommissioning work through various service lines in the Gulf of Mexico as well as internationally.

“Having been appointed decommissioning operator for this project, we are delighted to have Danos join us and support the alliance we have formed with Petrofac. Together, our mission is to deliver safe, lean, integrated, best practices and technology-driven decommissioning operations which will reflect the highest ESG standards and include the minimising of GHG emissions/intensity and the environmental footprint of operations. Danos’ experience and knowledge will prove invaluable to the successful delivery of this program,” said Aditya Singh, President of Promethean Energy.

“Danos’ longstanding relationships in the Gulf of Mexico and comprehensive range of services positions them to provide the expertise needed for the programme,” a Petrofac representative said.