Region: North America
Content Types: Report
Date: Jan, 2023

North America Geothermal bannerAs the focus on environmental sustainability has never been more prevalent across all industries than it is right now, the race is on to find long-term renewable solutions to the climate crisis.  Operators across the globe are trying to make their innovations in the oil and gas industry as green as possible, but that is not an easy stepping-stone to overcome.

Geothermal energy could be the answer so many are looking for. It is a method of clean energy which bridges the gap between the oil and gas industry and renewable energy sources in order to reach net zero. The US has already increased federal funding by millions of dollars in 2022 alone to widen the scope of geothermal projects up and down the country, tapping into the underutilized potential beneath our feet.

A key area of interest within the geothermal industry is that of repurposing end-of-life oil and gas wells. Geothermal companies can turn these assets back into active wells, only producing a slightly different end-product, negating the need for decommissioning services and the associated costs.  Operators can turn their liabilities into profitable assets at a quarter of the cost while producing green energy.

In spite of the benefits associated with geothermal, there are a number of issues holding the industry back from becoming a mainstream alternative. For one, the extortionate upfront costs associated with starting geothermal projects from scratch prove a wall too vast to climb in most instances, as well as the technological challenges that present themselves when working with temperatures of this calibre.

Nevertheless, advanced methods and technologies are working at mitigating against the challenges posed by geothermal extraction, using expertise from the oil and gas industry to finesse already existing drilling equipment in order to marry the industries together to be able to harness a green energy source born from an oil well.

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