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Date: Mar, 2022

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ROCSOLE has received an Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 'Spotlight on New Technology award' for its Intelligent Level Detection & Data Analytics for Sand Management.

In oil and gas facilities, sand production is an unwanted element. Robust and reliable sensors are critical for automated sand management systems to secure the proper functionality and avoid unexpected shutdowns or reduced production rate.

ROCSOLE utilises leading-edge tomographic technology, its Separator Profiler is a real-time non-radioactive monitoring solution that physically sees and measures separator's emulsion layer, improving separation efficiency by optimising residence time and resulting in higher quality output downstream.

“We are honored by this recognition. Innovation is not just a one-day job; this shows that the community appreciates the continuity of our innovative work shaping the future of energy and process control,” said Mika Tienhaara, Chief Executive Officer of ROCSOLE.

This is ROCSOLE’s third OTC Houston Spotlight award with the company first being recognised in 2020 for its Liquid In-Tank Inspection (LITI) product. This was swiftly followed, in 2021, with the prestigious award being bestowed on the company yet again, this time for its Deposition In-Line Inspection (DILI) system. It is the first Finnish company that has ever won the award

“Being rewarded the Spotlight on New Technology award three times in a row is a huge recognition for our technology. Being able to detect waste streams, deposits and solids build-up in real-time is providing considerable benefits for our customers to improve their efficiencies and ESG measures,” said Arto Voutilainen, Chief Technology Officer of ROCSOLE.