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Date: Oct, 2022

SLB logo

Schlumberger has officially changed its name to SLB in an effort to underline its vision for a decarbonised energy future and affirming its transformation to a global technology company focused on driving energy innovation for a balanced planet.

The legacy Schlumberger brand and nearly all of its affiliated brands will become one under the new SLB brand, which comes with a new logo and fresh identity.

Olivier Le Peuch, Chief Executive Officer, SLB, commented, “Today we face the world’s greatest balancing act – providing reliable, accessible and affordable energy to meet growing demand, while rapidly decarbonising for a sustainable future. This dual challenge requires a balance of energy affordability, energy security and sustainability. It requires a balance of innovation and decarbonisation in the oil and gas industry as well as clean energy solutions. It requires a balanced energy mix for a balanced planet.

“Our new identity symbolises SLB's commitment to moving farther and faster in facilitating the world's energy needs today and forging the road ahead for the energy transition. It’s a bold challenge. But the legacy of our people, technology and performance are unmatched, and we are ready to answer this challenge.”

The SLB brand builds on nearly a century of technology innovation and industrialisation expertise in the energy services industry. The company has spent the last three years laying the groundwork for its increasing focus on low – and zero –carbon energy technology solutions while continuing to drive innovation, decarbonisation and performance for the oil and gas industry.

This includes the launch of its New Energy business; its commitment to a net-zero target inclusive of total Scope 3 emissions from its technologies; the introduction of Transition Technologies to its portfolio; and the announcement of SLB End-to-end emissions Solutions.

With these foundations laid, SLB will now focus on delivering results-driven solutions for its customers across new energy systems, industrial decarbonisation, digital at scale and oil and gas innovation.

Katharina Beumelburg, Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer, SLB, remarked, “Our new identity boldly symbolises our ambition to accelerate the energy transition with sustainability at the centre of everything we do. Our new brand and strategy are built for this moment in our history. A moment that demands the need for a balanced energy system for our planet and the need to achieve and go beyond net zero to address the climate challenge.

“Everything we have chosen, from the shape of the logo to our new, bright blue colour, symbolises the boldness of our ambitions and ingenuity of our team to make the new energy future a reality. ’For a balanced planet’ is more than just our new tagline. It’s central to our purpose and our culture. It takes the incredible history of this world-class company, enhances it and moves it forward toward a more sustainable and net zero future.”