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TGT launches advanced flow diagnostics for horizontal wells

Region: Middle East
Content Types: Report
Date: Feb, 2022


TGT Diagnostics, which deals with through-barrier diagnostics for the oilfield, has announced the launch of ‘Horizontal Flow’ diagnostics with Cascade3 technology.

This new system, specifically designed for horizontal wells, provides asset teams with more realistic flow modelling and precise continuous flow profiles in a wide variety of completion and reservoir settings, including fractured formations.

Horizontal Flow diagnostics, supported by the all-new Cascade3 flow analysis platform, is a purpose-built system incorporating the industry’s most advanced thermodynamic and hydrodynamic modelling codes to transform temperature and other well system data into continuous reservoir flow profiles. Essentially, these flow profiles reflect flow both in and out of the reservoir and thus deliver the most accurate and detailed picture of well – reservoir flow behaviour.

Mohammed Hegazi, TGT’s Chief Executive Officer, while speaking about the technology, said, “Understanding the flow dynamics in a well system is the solution for better well and reservoir performance. This is especially true for horizontal wells where fluid flow can be incredibly complex. Horizontal Flow is the most powerful flow analysis product ever created for horizontal well systems. It overcomes many of the challenges faced with conventional production logs and enables operators to maximise hydrocarbon recovery while operating in the safest, cleanest and most economical way possible.”

Ken Feather, TGT’s Chief Marketing Officer, explained that improved understanding provides a much-needed opportunity to optimise performance. “The transition towards cleaner energy and declining opportunities for new field developments means that operators are shifting investments towards recovering more from existing assets. Horizontal wells promise enormous efficiency and economic gains but are notoriously challenging to manage. Horizontal Flow with Cascade3 solves many of the diagnostic challenges faced by Reservoir and Production Engineers, providing them with the insights they need to reduce operating costs and energy consumption, and increase ultimate recovery.”

The complete and accurate downhole assessment Horizontal Flow with Cascade3 offers means that diagnostic deployments can provide a wealth of information from a single programme, thereby reducing uncertainty and avoiding the need for subsequent deployments. Yulia Fesina, Cascade project manager, said “The Cascade3 workflow can also be used to estimate or validate other key parameters that reservoir and production engineers may find extremely valuable, including reservoir pressure, permeability and skin factor. This independent verification of key parameters can help reservoir engineers to resolve uncertainties and improve history matching and dynamic reservoir models.”

Horizontal Flow diagnostics are now available to upstream operators through TGT’s comprehensive range of True Flow answer products.