Region: North Sea
Content Types: Report
Date: Nov, 2022

offshore wellFEBUS Optics, a French developer of Distributed Fibre Optic Sensing (DFOS) devices, and LYTT, a UK-based sensor fusion analytics platform provider, has announced they have signed a collaboration agreement in order to offer a powerful solution for well monitoring.

The DFOS market is growing quickly and is set to continue to expand over the next few years. This collaboration will provide continuous and distributed monitoring of assets which are more straightforward to implement, less expensive than traditional methods, and provide temperature and strain information.

The collaboration presents an opportunity to combine FEBUS’ hardware and LYTT’s software expertise to offer an innovative and powerful well monitoring solution which will visualise real-time insights, as well as enable operators to make quick and informed decisions.

FEBUS Optics CEO, Etienne Almoric, said, “With this agreement, we deliver to our customer a fully integrated solution for well monitoring by combining the best of FEBUS and LYTT. The objective is to make the life of our customers easier while extracting data that helps to enhance the performance and the efficiency of well management.”

Tim Morrish, Sales Director at LYTT, commented, “Energy companies are increasingly turning to innovative DFOS technologies that deliver well monitoring solutions addressing their unique operational needs. Our partnership with FEBUS Optics enables further flexibility in monitoring design architecture for the O&G market.”