Section 1: Look to the Future

  • Hear an overview of Australia’s focus to reduce global emissions and become a more carbon neutral industry
  • Discuss the current market, looking at well count, life cycle stages and the future of well intervention in the region
  • Review the scope of wells reaching their end of life and how this is pivoting the intervention market to focus more on aging assets and enhanced production

Section 2: Light Well Intervention

  • Analyse the benefits of using RLWI for subsea projects to ensure efficiencies across upcoming interventions
  • Share new riserless subsea well intervention and vessel technology to see how this can optimise your future intervention campaigns in Western Australia
  • Understand the availability for LWI in the region and how this can merge with your intervention strategy going forward

Section 3: Vessel & Collaboration

  • Discuss change in vessel movement across the region, to help strategize for projects moving forward in 2022
  • Identify the best methods for well intervention in deepwater wells, creating a strategy for future subsea campaigns
  • Debate how collaboration between operators can help increase vessel availability in the region improve well intervention economics for future projects

Section 4: Enhancing Production in Aging Assets

  • Look into well stimulation methods and effective production enhancement strategies to increase well stock value in mature wells
  • Understand the economics of well intervention campaigns and how best practice production enhancement can be more commercially viable than new drilling activity
  • Gain further insight on how to manage your matured field projects through well reactivation to optimise production levels

Section 5: Managing Maturing Assets

  • Explore the scope of P&A in Australia and how to implement a sustainable business model to execute low cost projects in 2022/23
  • Discover the best services and technologies for fixing and preventing structural damage to aging wells
  • Gain a better understanding of which assets still have life, and which need to be considered for your decommissioning portfolio


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