Section 1: Operating within the Region

  • Regulations: Review current regulations and policies in the Gulf of Guinea to ensure your remaining compliant whilst operating in the region
  • Ageing Assets: Understand the best practice for managing well integrity across ageing assets to optimise and maintain production whilst minimising any potential data loss
  • Personnel Management: Establish how to incorporate local service providers into your organisation’s projects and how to integrate the use of new technologies into upcoming projects
  • Vessel Management: Recognise how operators are dealing with the current shortage of vessels and how to make the most out of the vessels available

Section 2: Well Productivity

  • Managing Water Production: Analyse water control technology to reduce the cost of handling water within your production operations
  • Sand Control: Identify simplified methods for minimising sand production to reduce the risk of damaged equipment down the well
  • Hydraulic Systems: Create a standardised process to use fluid intervention to optimise the productivity of your wells
  • Wax Formation: Examine the methods to prevent or remediate wax deposition to reduce flow assurance challenges

Section 3: Rigless & Light Well Intervention

  • Why is it on the rise? Explore why there has been an increase in LWI within the region to understand the benefits it could bring to your organisation
  • Package Vessels: Discover the versatility of these vessels and the uses for future intervention campaigns to understand their applicability for your upcoming projects
  • Rigless Well Intervention: Explore case studies on the use of rigless intervention and the benefits and challenges that arise throughout these projects

Section 4: Digitalisation

  • Data Acquisition: Investigate the best techniques for gathering data from all types of wells to ensure you’re selecting the best technologies and operating models that maximise production across your well stock
  • Risk Assessments: Discuss how to identify the potential risk factors within a well to prevent well integrity issues before they happen
  • Communication: Discover the technologies and practices your organisation can utilise to increase the efficiency of communication internally and between all project stakeholders

Section 5: Looking to the Future

  • Environmental Impact: Understand how to reduce the carbon intensity of your projects to account for the trend towards more environmentally conscious operating models
  • Plug & Abandonment: Access updates on upcoming P&A and decommissioning campaigns to address current technology gaps
  • Upcoming Projects: Hear about the major well intervention campaigns within the region that are planned in the upcoming year to identity the activity hot spots within the Gulf



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