UDT EU 2021 is a virtual conference for strategic decision makers working in digital transformation in upstream oil & gas businesses. It is focused specifically on the European Region, but the issues discussed have relevance across the globe.

The event will bring together 1000+ attendees from the company types outlined below, with at least 30% of attendees coming from operators:


  • Major
  • National 
  • Independent 

Oilfield Service Companies

  • Well Service Companies 
  • Tooling Companies
  • Vessel Companies 

Digital Solutions Providers  

  • Global Technology Companies 
  • Data Analytics & Software Providers
  • Consultancy Partners 

Industry Bodies 

  • Trade Associations 
  • Working Groups 
  • Regulators 



Offshore Network have been providing critical business intelligence to the upstream oil & gas industry since 2013.  We work with the most influential stakeholders across the industry including regulators and industry bodies, national, major and independent operators and oilfield services companies.

We are independent influencers, sitting at the heart of the industry helping to improve standards, promote innovation and challenge the status quo. With a huge network of contacts across the globe, we exist to facilitate discussion and encourage collaboration. We do this for the good of our industry and to ensure safe and efficient exploration and production of oil & gas offshore in the long term.

You can learn more about Offshore Network here