Market Overview – Philosophies, Skills Gap & Regulations

  • Drilling VS Interventions: Understand how market dynamics have affected the levels of new drilling campaigns VS intervention campaigns to determine the current operator philosophies
  • Skills Shortage: Analyze the current skills gap in the GOM and the impact this has on well ops to create bespoke solutions for the market including the standardisation of processes and technology
  • Regulatory Update: Access new regulations for advanced technologies operating in a high pressure and high temperature environment including methodology, design and the 3rd party approval process

Reimagining the Well Lifecycle - What Does End of Life Mean?

  • Remedial Workovers: Understand the challenges of completing remedial workovers on existing reservoirs from a mature basin perspective to evaluate the value of existing well bores for non-rig re-completions
  • Re-Stimulation: Determine the best quality reservoirs to re-stimulate by assessing the dollars per barrel VS campaign costs to define the level of ROI
  • Re-Purposing for CCS: Access the latest CCS projects to plan well stock effectively for future re-purposing including barrier cement, infrastructure and hydraulic lines that account for temperature changes

Rig & Risers VS Rigless & Riserless - The Current State & The Future

  • Rigless and Riserless P&A: Understand the scope for rigless and riserless subsea P&A’s and the challenges this presents to determine how robust these abandonment techniques are
  • Rigless Interventions: Analyze how the cost and availability of rigs has changed the appetite of operators to increase the type of rigless operations
  • Riserless Coiled Tubing: Explore the current status of riserless coiled tubing in the GOM considering the operating environment in comparison to the North Sea to unlock the potential challenges and benefits

Protecting Production - Key Challenges & Solutions

  • Pre-Emptive Integrity: View the new ways operators are planning projects to proactively protect well integrity; from installing flat pack scale and squeeze in new completions, to acid stimulations to mitigate scale
  • Water Production & Water Shut Off: Understand how water production has become a prevalent issue due to the standard well profiles of operators and new best practices to tackle this
  • New Technologies: Access innovative technologies and services for scale and squeeze operations, production logging and riserless perforation to ensure your minimising costs and run time

P&A / Decommissioning - Meeting Obligations

  • Barrier Technology: Review new innovative barrier technologies that maintain sustained casing pressure and don’t rely on standard cement or resins to ensure your decommissioning toolbox is up to date
  • Boomerang Wells: Hear the latest operator case studies on the P&A of orphaned wells to understand the need for an industry entity which shares data on legacy wells to help de-risk abandonment
  • Reviewing New Technologies: See how operators determine if a new technology meets their acceptable risk profile to recognize what is required to integrate your technology into upcoming campaigns

New Features:

  • Consult an Operator: Hear an overview of a current challenge operators are facing then book in a dedicated closed-door slot to pitch your solution for the specific issue being encountered
  • Operator Workshop - Asset Integrity Management: Access cutting-edge well integrity risk management systems and how to implement acceptable levels of innovation to optimize your well ops
  • Live Tech Demos: See over 20 live technology demonstrations from the regions most innovative downhole service companies to see how you can implement the best-in-class services to your tool box

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