Section One: Production Enhancement & Well Integrity
  • Understand the use of stimulation techniques and common associated challenges to determine how to effectively enhance production across your well intervention projects
  • Explore workovers VS interventions to improve recovery and the essential factors to consider when selecting your project strategy through proof cases
  • Analyse the principal well integrity and remediation considerations when working to optimise production with the newest risk mitigating technologies
Section Two: Maximising Opportunities
  • Access an overview of the number of current orphan and long-term idle wells in the GOM to determine viable candidates for WI and ensure you’re taking advantage of production opportunities
  • Explore an overview of operator’s current philosophies towards well intervention campaigns in the current market to gain an insight on the volume of upcoming projects in the GOM
  • Investigate current well intervention trends through cutting-edge market updates to ensure your service offerings meet operator demands
Section Three: P&A Excellence
  • Deep dive into the current high performance barriers available with a focus on barrier verification, data monitoring and data collection of primary barriers and secondary barriers
  • Hear operator requirements for P&A services to identify and overcome current technology and knowledge gaps
  • Explore the P&A regulatory requirements through expert legal guidance and understand how the requirements can affect your P&A project plans
Section Four: Current Technology Landscape
  • Review available intervention and subsea technologies in the GOM and assess use cases to ensure your toolbox is utilising the most efficient systems and solutions
  • Understand how the state of the well intervention market directly corresponds with the amount of new technologies available to operators and how the community can capitalise on market trends to increase innovation
  • Investigate the process of getting new technologies approved for use in well intervention projects to minimise project lead times and ensure you're remaining compliant
Section Five: Exclusive Case Studies
  • Shape your 2023 project plans through learning the lessons from campaigns completed to ensure you're optimising results and project outcomes
  • Hear from leading operators on riser and riserless well ops, debris and tubing annulus communication and high performance barriers to determine new best practices created
  • Understand the importance of project planning from logistical considerations to maintaining integrity to controlling water and sand production to ensure you're mitigating common challenges and reducing OPEX
Section Six: The Future of your Well Stock
  • Understand why operators and regulators are focusing on new ways of repurposing well stock and how environmental concerns and pressures play a leading role
  • Review innovative options of repurposing well stock, such-as carbon capture storage, and techniques to minimise the environmental damage of projects to understand current options being investigated across the industry
  • Receive a current update on where the industry is with investigating these options with a look to what needs to be achieved in the future to ensure you have an up to date understanding of the current landscape


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